Measurements Added

On February 11, 2021, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) published a version of its road datasets that includes measurement attributes. These attributes support running linear events as well as the ability to extract measurements. This change completes the agency’s transition from its previous Transportation Information System (TIS) to a Linear Referencing System (LRS).

To date, the LRS datasets that have been provided on the Commons have not contained measurement attributes and were labeled “non-measured”. The version containing the measured attributes was only available on request so that users could be informed about how to correctly interpret the measurements.


  • Two attributes are added to line datasets: “FromMeasure” and “ToMeasure”
  • One attribute is added to point datasets: “Measure”
  • Layer names no longer end with “_NM” and attribute metadata no longer refer to “non-measured”

The changes will affect the following data resources on the Commons:

During the transition, both the non-measured and measured versions of the dataset will be available on the Commons. On March 11, the non-measured versions will be removed.
Interregional Corridor Dataset to be Removed
The interregional corridor dataset will be removed from the Commons on March 11 since this corridor system has been retired and is no longer used to measure performance or as an investment category. Through federal legislation, the National Highway System is now the priority network for mobility investment in the 20-year Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan.
More Information

Since these changes affect foundational resources, MnDOT is issuing this announcement according to the Communicating Changes to Resources Guidance for Geospatial Commons Publishers.

For more information, see the dataset metadata or contact Peter Morey, MnDOT’s Data Systems and Coordination Section Director.