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  • biota


    Flora and/or fauna in natural environment. Examples: wildlife, vegetation,...

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  • boundaries


    Legal land descriptions. Examples: political and administrative boundaries

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  • climatology


    Processes and phenomena of the atmosphere: cloud cover, weather, climate,...

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  • economy


    Economic activities, conditions and employment. For example: production,...

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  • elevation


    Height above or below sea level. Examples: altitude, bathymetry, digital...

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  • environment


    Environmental resources, protection and conservation. Examples: environmental...

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  • farming


    Rearing of animals and/or cultivation of plants. Examples: agriculture,...

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  • geoscientific


    Information pertaining to earth sciences. Examples: geophysical features and...

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  • health


    Health, health services, human ecology, and safety. Examples: disease and...

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  • imagery-basemaps

    Imagery + Basemaps

    Base maps. Examples: land cover, topographic maps, imagery, unclassified...

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  • inland-waters

    Inland Waters

    Inland water features, drainage systems and their characteristics. Examples:...

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  • intelligence-military

    Intelligence + Military

    Military bases, structures, activities. Examples: barracks, training grounds,...

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  • location


    Positional information and services. For example: addresses, geodetic...

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  • planning-cadastre

    Planning + Cadastre

    Information used for appropriate actions for future use of the land....

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  • society


    Characteristics of society and cultures. Examples: settlements, anthropology,...

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  • structure


    Man-made construction. Examples: buildings, museums, churches, factories,...

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  • transportation


    Means and aids for conveying persons and/or goods. Examples: roads,...

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  • utilities-communication

    Utilities + Communication

    Energy, water and waste systems and communications infrastructure and...

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