What is a resource?

A resource is an entry in the Minnesota Geospatial Commons. A resource can be:

  • GIS data, in various formats: for example, a file geodatabase describing land cover or a shapefile describing Public Water Access sites in Minnesota
  • A web service, such as a web map service providing imagery data or a geocoding service
  • An application, such as a web map describing emerald ash borer infestations, or a tool such as the Minnesota Metadata Editor (MME)
  • A static map in .pdf or other formats
  • A collection of several of the items above

Each resource has a main descriptor page in the Commons, which includes a Title, Originator, Abstract, Purpose, Type of Resource and Date of Resource. Beyond this basic information there are links to a full metadata description (if the resource is a data resource), data downloads in various formats, web pages with background information, and other relevant information. Please learn more on related help pages, How to Search, Browsing Resources, Evaluating Resources and Resource Formats and Types.

While web maps and web services can be viewed by non-GIS users, most of the resources in the Minnesota Geospatial Commons are in GIS formats and are intended to be used with GIS software.