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  • us-mn-state-mda

    Agriculture Department

    Our mission is to enhance Minnesotans' quality of life by ensuring the...

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  • us-mn-co-aitkin

    Aitkin County

    Aitkin County, with a population of approximately 16,000, is located in north...

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  • us-mn-co-blueearth

    Blue Earth County

    Nestled in the heart of the Minnesota River Valley in the south-central part...

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  • us-mn-state-bah

    Board of Animal Health

    The mission of the Board of Animal Health is to protect the health of the...

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  • us-mn-state-bwsr

    Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR)

    BWSR Mission: Improve and protect Minnesota's water and soil resources by...

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  • us-mn-co-brown

    Brown County

    Brown County is in south-central Minnesota, with the Minnesota River as its...

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  • org-mn-brrwd

    Buffalo-Red River Watershed District

    The Buffalo-Red River Watershed District, a local government unit and legal...

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  • us-mn-co-chippewa

    Chippewa County

    Chippewa County is located approximately 130 miles west of Minneapolis and...

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  • us-mn-co-dakota

    Dakota County

    Dakota County is the third-most populous county in the U.S. state of...

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  • us-mn-state-mde

    Education Department

    The Minnesota Department of Education serves a wide range of customers:...

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  • us-mn-co-faribault

    Faribault County

    Faribault County is located on the Minnesota – Iowa border in south central...

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  • us-mn-co-freeborn

    Freeborn County

    Freeborn County is known as the southern gateway of Minnesota. Located in the...

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  • us-mn-state-mngeo

    Geospatial Information Office

    Division of MNIT responsible for policy related to GIS and geospatial...

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  • us-mn-state-health

    Health Department

    Protecting, maintaining and improving the health of all Minnesotans.

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  • us-mn-co-hennepin

    Hennepin County

    The Territorial Legislature of Minnesota established Hennepin County on March...

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  • us-mn-co-itasca

    Itasca County

    Itasca County, with a population of approximately 45,564, is located in north...

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  • us-mn-co-koochiching

    Koochiching County

    Koochiching County was founded in 1906 and its name means “at the place of...

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  • org-mn-lqpybwd

    Lac Qui Parle Yellow Bank Watershed District

    Serve as a partner in water planning and management with the State Agencies,...

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  • us-mn-co-lake

    Lake County

    Lake County is located in the Arrowhead Region of Northeastern Minnesota...

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  • us-mn-state-lcc

    Legislative GIS Office

    Non-partisan office of the Minnesota Legislature responsible for...

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  • us-mn-co-lesueur

    Le Sueur County

    Le Sueur County is located in south central Minnesota, approximately 60 miles...

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