Featured Resource: Buffer Protection Map, Minnesota

The Buffer Protection Map helps Minnesotans understand the buffer requirements for Minnesota’s waterways in a visual way

Minnesota Geospatial Commons

The Minnesota Geospatial Commons is a collaborative space for users and publishers of Minnesota's geospatial resources. The Commons is used by researchers, cartographers, web and application developers, journalists, planners, and other citizens who need GIS data for a project.
Environmental resources, protection and conservation. Examples: environmental pollution, waste storage and treatment, environmental impact assessment, monitoring environmental risk, nature reserves, landscape
Legal land descriptions. Examples: political and administrative boundaries

Means and aids for conveying persons and/or goods. Examples: roads, airports/airstrips, shipping routes, tunnels, nautical charts, vehicle or vessel location, aeronautical charts, railways

What's In My Neighborhood Sites

The MPCA's What's in My Neighborhood contains a wide variety of environmental information about your community. This includes potentially contaminated sites, permits, licenses, registrations, inspections, and closed enforcement activities.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is the lead agency for response to, and cleanup of agricultural chemical contamination in Minnesota. As a result, MDA also maintains a What’s In My Neighborhood application that contains data on agricultural chemical incidents.

Become a publisher

The Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo) will work with interested partners to make their Minnesota geospatial resources available on the Commons. We would like you to be one of those partners!