MnDOT Route Centerlines

This data set shows the centerlines of all public and some private roads within the state of Minnesota. Segments of pavement may have only one route or muitple routes traveling over them. One route will always be idenflied as primary and all attributes of these roadways signed to it. Other routes sharing the same pavement will be consisted co-incident or secendary and will not be a signed roadway attributes. <br/><br/>State highways are divided into segments called control sections for record keeping, maintenance, construction, and other administrative purposes. The four-digit control section number is composed of the two-number county code and an identifying two-digit number within that county. Control sections are revised due to jurisdictional transfers (typically from state to county) when new highway segments or entirely new state highways are built. <br/><br/>Routes State AID represent road centerlines for all state aid routes within the state of Minnesota. <br/><br/>Check other metadata records in this package for more information on routes centerlines.

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dsModifiedDate 2023-05-25 00:27:24
dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Transportation
dsPurpose The layers that are in this package are to provide a comprehensive network of the road way system and identifiers for routes that make up the system as MnDOT views them.
gdrsDsGuid {5aba5b4f-8d1f-4f01-b91c-eedf65a79d92}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-97.508970, 43.192405],[-97.508970, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 43.192405], [-97.508970, 43.192405]]]}

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