How to download resources from the Commons

Once you have found a resource of interest, you can often download it right from the Commons.

From the Resource's Main Page

Along the right side of the resource page across from the Resource Type you will see either View or Download options. View buttons are for links, such as to metadata, related applications, or occasionally service definition pages. Clicking Download will usually initiate a download of the selected resource type, from the FTP site. (Whether or not a download is initiated depends on the format type; for example, file-based geodatabases, shapefiles, and CSVs will be downloads.)

Sample resource page:
Downloading Resources

Depending on your browser settings, Download will either launch a "save" dialog or download to your default folder.

From the FTP Site

There are numerous ways of downloading Commons data via our FTP site. Feel free to use an FTP client of your choice or just download using the direct links within your browser. Knowing the publisher and the resource name will be key to finding any individual resource to download. For example, 'dataset/bdry-ruffed-grouse-mgmt-areas' from the DNR is available in this FTP folder. Non-state agency publishers have the publisher name right in the resource URL; for example, the Dakota County Address Points resource is available to download from this FTP folder.

Using the GDRS Manager

The DNR's GDRS Manager is a Windows application that can be used to create a "local GDRS" from Commons data. More information is available on the GDRS Manager application resource page.