State Designated Trout Streams - PLS Sections, Minnesota

This data layer shows which Public Land Survey (PLS) Sections contain designated trout streams according to <B>MN Rules Chapter 6264</B>. See link ( ) for a listing of designated trout waters and restrictions. <br/><br/>Use as a backdrop for the <b>MN Trout Stream Designation </b> layer. <br/><br/><b>Related table:</b> <i>PLS_TROUT_DESIGNATION_master</i><br/>This table contains all the sections as designated in <B>MN Rules Chapter 6264</B>. See link ( )<br/><br/><b>To access related table records:</b><br/><li>Open the layer attribute table and select a PLS section record</li><br/><li>From the <i>Related Table dropdown (2nd icon on bar just above table)</i>, choose table <b> PLS Trout: PLS Section to Rule </b></li><br/> <li> The related table will open and the corresponding records for the selected PLS section will be highlighted.</li><br/> <li>Note: You can also select records from the related table and find the sections that correspond to those records by reversing the process above (i.e., Choose <i>Related Tables dropdown (2nd icon)</i>, choose table <b> PLS Trout: Rule to PLS Section </b>) </li><br/><br/>You can also access all streams designated for that section by clicking on the PLS section of interest with the <b>Identify Tool</b> and expanding the related tabular information.

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Field Value
Time Period of Content date indicates the date which the user can be confident of accuracy and completeness of the dataset.
dsModifiedDate 2023-04-28 00:33:42
dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR)
dsPeriodOfContent 5/16/2022
dsPurpose This layer is useful as a backdrop for the MN Trout Stream Designation layer, for environmental review and for project planning.
gdrsDsGuid {9b6c03d4-7bea-4861-b84d-09ad58d5041c}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-97.252252, 43.098198],[-97.252252, 49.340250], [-89.406737, 49.340250], [-89.406737, 43.098198], [-97.252252, 43.098198]]]}

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