Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Geospatial Data, United States

Various telecommunication datasets such as cellphone towers and service areas, land mobile station locations, AM, FM, and TV communication can be downloaded on an FCC page. Additionally, data files can be individually downloaded from the FCC Universal Licensing System data site. This data resource is intended to guide users toward the authoritative data source and to demonstrate at least one translation of that data into a spatial format.<br/><br/>The metadata for this translated dataset is here:<br/><br/><b>Antenna Structure Registration: </b> <a href="https://resources.gisdata.mn.gov/pub/gdrs/data/pub/us_mn_state_mngeo/util_fcc/metadata/antenna_structure_registration_mn.html">antenna_structure_registration_mn.html</a><br/><br/>In addition, the Department of Homeland Security's Homeland Infrastructure Foundation - Level Data (HIFLD) program has an "Open Data" site, which includes a nationwide dataset on Cellular Towers derived from the FCC Universal Licensing System Database: https://hifld-geoplatform.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/cellular-towers

Additional Info

Field Value
dsAccessConst None
dsCurrentRef FCC website contains the most recent downloadable version of these datasets.
dsMetadataUrl https://resources.gisdata.mn.gov/pub/gdrs/data/pub/us_mn_state_mngeo/util_fcc/metadata/metadata.html
dsModifiedDate 2021-01-16 00:04:42
dsOriginator Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Media Bureau and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
dsPurpose With these datasets, users are able to determine the locations and limited technical details of existing towers, stations and areas the FCC licenses (i.e. Cellular, Paging, Microwave, AM, FM, etc.). This information can be extremely helpful in conducting analysis such as: current service deployment, need/feasibility determinations of new services, co-location of antenna structures, inventorying of structures, network planning, etc.
gdrsDsGuid {0430b9fa-49dc-4c1b-9d35-2bf4657ce4dc}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-170.764583, -14.333194],[-170.764583, 71.318472], [145.793611, 71.318472], [145.793611, -14.333194], [-170.764583, -14.333194]]]}

Dataset extent

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