Road Centerline Modification Log

This dataset logs the modifications of the MN road centerline data, adopting the GAC standard. It tracks both attribute and geometry changes. Each attribute and geometry change has one row/feature in the feature class. For example, if multiple attributes changes, each change would have its own entry/row/feature segment to represent that modification.<br/><br/>Road Centerline abstract: <br/>This dataset was created by a joint collaborative project involving the technical and managerial GIS staff from the ten Metropolitan Counties (Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott, Sherburne and Washington), the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board, MetroGIS and the Metropolitan Council. Core needs this dataset are intended to satisfy include:<br/><br/>- Vehicular routing;<br/>- Address geocoding;<br/>- Next Generation 911 call routing and location validation;<br/>- Emergency services dispatching;<br/>- Linear referencing uses;<br/>- Cartographic representation of road features;<br/><br/>For specific questions regarding centerline alignments or attributes, please contact the county below<br/>Anoka:<br/>Carver:<br/>Chisago:<br/>Dakota:<br/>Hennepin:<br/>Isanti:<br/>Ramsey:<br/>Sherburne:<br/>Scott:<br/>Washington:

Additional Info

Field Value
dsAccessConst None. This dataset is public domain under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13). If the dataset is not available from the Online Linkage in Section 6, please contact the Distribution Contact Person.
dsCurrentRef Counties submit data to this aggregated dataset at their determined interval. The MetroGIS aggregation process runs nightly and accepts the most current version available to the aggregate (see note below). The modification log portion is run nightly 24 hours following the aggregation.
dsModifiedDate 2023-12-01 00:41:42
dsOriginator Metropolitan Council
dsPurpose To see which changes occurred to adapt related custom changes made by end-users. For example, an end-user could split a road centerline to connect it to a sidewalk for a pedestrian routing network; and if the original segment that was split changes, the end-user can look at the log and make adjustments on the related customized segment(s).

Road Centerline purpose:
The goal of this dataset is to facilitate the creation and sustained maintenance of a local/regional road
centerline dataset that can be used to meet the needs of local and regional partner agencies.
gdrsDsGuid {b465h86c-98bd-49f2-a7b3-cad10ed062te}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-97.23, 43.5],[-97.23, 49.37], [-89.53, 49.37], [-89.53, 43.5], [-97.23, 43.5]]]}

Dataset extent

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