Liquid Waste Receiving Disposal Sites

This layer contains data showing the locations of where the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) accepts the discharge of hauled wastewater. The Industrial Waste & Pollution Prevention Section (IWPP) regulates hauled liquid waste discharged to the Metropolitan Disposal System. This waste includes wastewater from septic tanks, holding tanks, commercial establishments, industrial sources and leachate. Industrial and leachate loads are only accepted at the Metro Liquid Waste Receiving site at the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant in St. Paul. Only companies permitted through IWPP's LWH Permit program are allowed to use the sites. In addition to the LWH disposal sites, the Vactor site is also included in this dataset. The Vactor site is used for the disposal of sewer cleaning sludge and can only be used by communities located within the 7 county area.

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