Counties and Cities & Townships, Twin Cities Metropolitan Area

This is a polygon dataset for county boundaries as well as for city, township and unorganized territory (CTU) boundaries in the Twin Cities 7-county metropolitan area. The linework for this dataset comes from individual counties and is assembled by the Metropolitan Council for the MetroGIS community. <br/><br/>The County CTU Lookup Table here <br/>is also included in this dataset and contains various data related to cities, townships, unorganized territories (CTUs) and any divisions created by county boundaries splitting them is also included in the dataset. <br/><br/>This dataset is updated quarterly. This dataset is composed of three shape files and one dbf table. <br/>- Counties.shp = county boundaries <br/>- CTUs.shp = city, township and unorganized territory boundaries <br/>- CountiesAndCTUs.shp = combined county and CTU boundaries<br/>- CountyCTULookupTable.dbf = various data related to CTUs and any divisions created by county boundaries splitting them is also included in the dataset, described here:<br/><br/>NOTES:<br/><br/>- On 3/17/2011 it was discovered that the CTU ID used for the City of Lake St. Croix Beach was incorrect. It was changed from 2394379 to 2395599 to match GNIS.<br/><br/>- On 3/17/2011 it was discovered that the CTU ID used for the City of Lilydale was incorrect. It was changed from 2394457 to 2395708 to match GNIS.<br/><br/>- On 11/9/2010 it was discovered that the CTU ID used for the City of Crystal was incorrect. It was changed from 2393541 to 2393683 to match GNIS.<br/><br/>- Effective April 2008, a change was made in GNIS to match the FIPS place codes to the "civil" feature for each city instead of the "populated place" feature. Both cities and townships are now "civil" features within GNIS. This means that the official GNIS unique ID for every city in Minnesota has changed. <br/><br/>- The five digit CTU codes in this dataset are identical to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) ''Place'' codes. They are also used by the Census Bureau and many other organizations and are proposed as a MN state data coding standard.<br/><br/>- Cities and townships have also been referred to as ''MCDs'' (a census term), however this term technically refers to the part of each city or township within a single county. Thus, a few cities in the metro area that are split by county boundaries are actually comprised of two different MCDs. This was part of the impetus for a proposed MN state data standard that uses the ''CTU'' terminology for clarity.<br/><br/>- The boundary line data for this dataset comes from each county.<br/><br/>- A variety of civil divisions of the land exist within the United States. In Minnesota, only three types exist - cities, townships and unorganized territories. All three of these exist within the Twin Cities seven county area. The only unorganized territory is Fort Snelling (a large portion of which is occupied by the MSP International Airport).<br/><br/>- Some cities are split between two counties. Only those parts of cities within the 7-county area are included.<br/><br/>- Prior to the 2000 census, the FIPS Place code for the City of Greenwood in Hennepin County was changed from 25928 to 25918. This dataset reflects that change.<br/><br/>
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dsAccessConst None. This dataset is public domain under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13). If the dataset is not available from the Online Linkage in Section 6, please contact the Distribution Contact Person.
dsCurrentRef Data are intended to reflect county, city and township boundary changes (annexation, etc.) as of the Time Period of Content date above. All counties report their data to be current as approximately that date.

Please note that municipal boundaries can change through several different processes, involving different organizations. County staff are not always notifiied of boundary changes in a timely manner. If you are aware of boundary changes that are not reflected in this dataset, please notify the contact person in Section 1 of this metadata.
dsModifiedDate 2023-02-02 00:09:57
dsOriginator The Counties of Anoka, Dakota, Carver, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington and the Metropolitan Council
dsPeriodOfContent 1/1/2023
dsPurpose This dataset was developed to be used for many purposes including a variety of analysis and query tasks that relate to counties, cities and townships, and as a general municipal boundary base layer.
gdrsDsGuid {5e7d75df-8c7d-4c20-a29d-64ab3cfdbd0a}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-94.012, 44.471],[-94.012, 45.415], [-92.732, 45.415], [-92.732, 44.471], [-94.012, 44.471]]]}

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