Parcel Data, Ramsey County, Minnesota

This file geodatabase contains parcel data including plat boundaries, tax parcels, easements and road right of ways. Attributed Parcel Point and Polygon data represent property descriptions (legal descriptions) and land ownership in Ramsey County joined to tax parcels.<br/><br/>The following links can be used to obtain individual metadata pages: <br/><br/>Attributed Parcel Point: <a href="">plan_attributedparcelpoint.html</a><br/>Attributed Parcel Poly: <a href="">plan_attributedparcelpoly.html</a><br/>Common Interest: <a href="">plan_commoninterest.html</a><br/>Subdivision: <a href="">plan_subdivision.html</a><br/>Tax Parcels: <a href="">plan_taxparcel.html</a><br/>Manufactured Home: <a href="">plan_manufacturedhome.html</a><br/>Personal Property: <a href="">plan_personalproperty.html</a><br/>Real Property: <a href="">plan_realproperty.html</a><br/>State Assessed Property: <a href="">plan_stateassessedproperty.html</a><br/>Conveyance Division: <a href="">plan_conveyancedivision.html</a><br/>Special Survey: <a href="">plan_specialsurvey.html</a><br/>Parcel Info: <a href="">plan_parcelinfo.html</a><br/>Easement: <a href="">plan_easement.html</a><br/>Landtie: <a href="">plan_landtie.html</a><br/>Right of Way: <a href="">plan_rightofway.html</a><br/>Historic Right of Way: <a href="">plan_historicrightofway.html</a>

Additional Info

Field Value
Last Updated April 30, 2019, 10:03
Created July 9, 2016, 10:01
dsAccessConst None.
dsCurrentRef The dataset is current and complete, but regularly updated to reflect changes. New versions are released monthly.<br/><br/>Data as known to Ramsey County as of Attribution Date (PropertyDataJoinDate & InspectionDataJoinDate)
dsModifiedDate 2019-04-30 00:12:47
dsOriginator Ramsey County
dsPurpose Parcel data support many functions including web based mapping, thematic mapping, land records and property assessment and surveying and engineering projects. Attributes included property address, ownership and tax payer addresses, property and building description.

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