Tax Parcels, Itasca County, Minnesota

Polygon layer representing tax parcels in Itasca County.<br/>Right-of-Ways are incorporated into the parcels. All of the tax information and the parcel number are duplicated in the right-of-way portion. The polycode field should be used to isolate only tax parcels for tax information analysis.<br/>Redundant geometries exist for condominiums and undivided interests.<br/>Undivided ownership occurs when two or more parties have an interest in the same parcel.<br/>This becomes important in analysis as well. The acres and tax information reflects the entire parcel, not the undivided interest portion.

Additional Info

Field Value
dsAccessConst None
dsModifiedDate 2024-02-08 00:42:00
dsOriginator Itasca County
dsPeriodOfContent 2/7/2024
dsPurpose The parcel base map is vital in supporting property and land record operations of Itasca County.
gdrsDsGuid {111f206c-0921-4d8f-a344-033d0b1b5345}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-94.419272199455, 47.0251605088806],[-94.419272199455, 47.8989785603538], [-93.0555277417487, 47.8989785603538], [-93.0555277417487, 47.0251605088806], [-94.419272199455, 47.0251605088806]]]}

Dataset extent

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