Railroad Station Plat Map - Point Locations, Minnesota

Point shapefile provides the location and subsequent link to images of railroad station plats. Data contains information about the railroad ownership, roll numbers, sheet numbers and file names of the images.

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Last Updated August 25, 2015, 10:03
Created April 7, 2015, 08:01
dsAccessConst USE OF THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO MNDOT'S DISCLAIMER, NOTICES AND POLICIES FOUND at http://www.dot.state.mn.us/information/disclaimer.html
dsCurrentRef The time period of the image content ranges between 1918 and 1974. The Minnesota Department of Transportation received the maps from the Railroad and Warehouse Commission in 1974. The conversion of the railroad plat maps from paper to electronic form and the work required to create a corresponding data point by digitizing each plat location were completed in 2004.
dsMetadataUrl ftp://ftp.gisdata.mn.gov/pub/gdrs/data/pub/us_mn_state_dot/trans_rr_station_plat_map_points/metadata/metadata.html
dsModifiedDate 2015-05-19 23:39:15
dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Transportation, Office of Land Management
dsPurpose The data set was created to improve accessibility to the railroad station plat map images. The point locations are used within a spatial index to simplify the finding, viewing, and downloading of railroad station plat map images. This data set does not include images of the railroad station plats.

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