Airports Information in Minnesota

Aviation safety, and safety of people and property on the ground, can be affected by construction in the vicinity of an airport. The area influenced by airport rules and regulations can extend several miles from the airport boundary. <br/><br/>These are runways in Minnesota that have been documented by field data collection. MSP is the exception, their three runways are shown based upon FAA data.<br/><br/>The displays airports listed by the type of airport: airport, heliport or seaplane base and the accepted users. Those facilities listed as public are open to the public and those listed as private require prior permission from the owner.<br/><br/>Check other metadata records in this package for more information on Airports.<br/><br/><br/>Links to ESRI Feature Services:<br /><br/><b>Airport Influence Areas in Minnesota</b>: <a href="">Airport Influence Areas</a><br /><br/><b>Airport Runways in Minnesota</b>: <a href="">Airport Runways</a><br /><br/><b>Airports in Minnesota</b>: <a href="">Airports</a><br /><br/><br/>

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dsCurrentRef Data is published weekly to the GeoCommons, but maybe maintained on a different cycle. Open package to review specific layer for more detail.
dsModifiedDate 2024-05-23 00:07:05
dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Transportation
dsPurpose This map depicts the airport influence areas of the 135 publicly-funded airports in the State of Minnesota. If a proposed construction project falls within the area of influence.

This dataset provides runway orientation and lengths for airport runways. This data can be used to identify airport surfaces and traffic patterns.

Pilots use this data together information about the places they intend to land. Others may use this data to be aware of airspace concerns for operating drones or constructing towers or power lines.
gdrsDsGuid {99a29998-af21-417d-a6b0-8ddf288b73b6}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-97.508970, 43.192405],[-97.508970, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 43.192405], [-97.508970, 43.192405]]]}

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