Meteorological Towers in Minnesota

This is a database of the locations of meteorological towers in the state of Minnesota. Since 2020, state statute (Minn. Stat. 360.915) requires the owner of a meteorological tower to provide notification to the commissioner of transportation at least 30 days prior to their construction. The intention of this legislation is to require tower proponents to provide MnDOT with information on the location of these meteorological Towers and to mark them and light them, so that aircraft operating at low altitude have a better chance of avoiding them. This dataset contains the locations of all meteorological towers that the commissioner of transportation has received notice of. There may be meteorological towers that exist but notice has not been given.<br/>A meteorological tower is a structure that is self-standing or supported by guy wires, is designed with accessory facilities on which antenna, sensor, camera, meteorological, or other equipment is able to be mounted; has a height of at least 50 feet and not more than 200 feet; and has a diameter of ten feet or less at the aboveground base, excluding concrete footing.<br/><br/>Check other metadata records in this package for more information on PACKAGE Information.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>

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dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Transportation
dsPurpose The purpose of this dataset is to meet the requirements of Minn. Stat. 360.915 Subd. 6, which requires the commissioner of transportation to maintain records on stand-alone meteorological towers and provide information on stand-alone meteorological tower locations on the department's website. This dataset is for informational purposes only and not for navigation.
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spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-97.508970, 43.192405],[-97.508970, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 43.192405], [-97.508970, 43.192405]]]}

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