DNR QuickLayers for ArcGIS 10

The way to access Layers Quickly.<br/><br/>Quick Layers is an Add-In for ArcMap 10.6+ that allows rapid access to the DNR's Geospatial Data Resource Site (GDRS). The GDRS is a data structure that serves core geospatial dataset and applications for not only DNR, but many state agencies, and supports the Minnesota Geospatial Commons. Data added from Quick Layers is pre-symbolized, helping to standardize visualization and map production. Current version: 1.164<br/><br/>To use Quick Layers with the GDRS, <i>there's no need to download QuickLayers from this location</i>. Instead, download a full copy or a custom subset of the public GDRS (including Quick Layers) using <a href=https://gisdata.mn.gov/dataset/gdrsmanager target=_blank>GDRS Manager</a>.<br/><br/>Quick Layers also allows users to save and share their own pre-symbolized layers, thus increasing efficiency and consistency across the enterprise.<br/><br/>Installation:<br/><br/>After using GDRS Manager to create a GDRS, including Quick Layers, add the path to the Quick Layers addin to the list of shared folders:<br/>1. Open ArcMap<br/>2. Customize -> Add-In Manager… -> Options<br/>3. Click add folder, and enter the location of the Quick Layers app. For example, if your GDRS is mapped to the V drive, the path would be V:\gdrs\apps\pub\us_mn_state_dnr\quick_layers<br/>4. After you do this, the Quick Layers toolbar will be available. To add it, go to Customize -> Toolbars and select DNR Quick Layers 10<br/><br/><i>The link below is only for those who are using Quick Layers without a GDRS.</i> To get the most functionality out of Quick Layers, don't install it separately, but instead download it as part of a GDRS build using <a href=https://gisdata.mn.gov/dataset/gdrsmanager target=_blank>GDRS Manager</a>.

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