MnModel Landform-Sediment Assemblages, Minnesota

This data package contains layers that were used for the Mn/Model4 (MnModel) project's mapping of major river valleys and glacial lake beds in Minnesota. Soil borings and geomorphic cross sections supported the mapping of Landform-Sediment Assemblages (LfSA's) used to develop landscape suitability models for geologically buried archaeological sites. Soil boring logs in PDF format link to boring points using the field FULLPATH.<br/><br/>Individual metadata for the included datasets can be accessed here:<br /><br/><a href="">Soil Boring Logs</a><br /><br/><a href="">Geomorphic Cross Sections</a><br /><br/><a href="">River Valley and Upland Landforms</a><br /><br/><a href="">Landform-Sediment Assemblages (LfSA) Code Key List (PDF)</a><br /><br/>

Additional Info

Field Value
dsAccessConst None
dsCurrentRef 1997-2014
dsModifiedDate 2022-03-10 00:34:25
dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Transportation
dsPurpose The purpose of this collection of data is to provide the source data used for predicting the potential for finding unknown archaeological sites early in the transportation construction planning process, so that impacts on these sites can be avoided.

This dataset is best suited for general reference only. It is not suitable for precise land measurements or ground surveys. Data are incomplete, as large areas of the state are unmapped.
gdrsDsGuid {832c6a4a-bd25-4584-8280-6b6dba2c8376}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-97.508970, 43.192405],[-97.508970, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 43.192405], [-97.508970, 43.192405]]]}

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