MNDNR Watershed Suite

The MNDNR Watershed Suite is a collection of watershed delineations at various levels, flow network lines, and pour points. This is the newest version <a href=" DNR WATERSHED SUITE UPDATE 2023.pdf">updated in 2023</a>. Follow the links below to the individual metadata pages for each layer:<br/><br/><b>MNDNR Watersheds</b><br/>MNDNR Level 01 - HUC 02: <a href="">dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_01_huc_02.html</a><br/>MNDNR Level 02 - HUC 04: <a href="">dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_02_huc_04.html</a><br/>MNDNR Level 04 - HUC 08 - Majors: <a href="">dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_04_huc_08_majors.html</a><br/>MNDNR Level 07 - Minors: <a href="">dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_07_minors.html</a><br/>MNDNR Level 08 - All Catchments: <a href="">dnr_watersheds_dnr_level_08_all_catchments.html</a><br/>MNDNR Level 09 - DNR AutoCatchments: <a href="">dnr_watersheds_auto_catchments.html</a><br/><br/><b>Minnesota Hydrologic Units</b><br/>Flow Network Lines: <a href="">dnr_watersheds_catchment_flow_lines.html</a><br/>Pour Points: <a href="">dnr_watersheds_catchment_pour_points.html</a>

Additional Info

Field Value
dsAccessConst None
dsCurrentRef Time Period of Content Date indicates when dataset was last updated.

The geometry of this data vary widely as to their currentness. The parent dataset, MNDNR Catchments, is the maintenance version of the MNDNR Major Watershed dataset. The user of this data is encouraged to review the metadata entry for the MNDNR Watersheds Level 08 - All Catchments dataset for more detailed information concerning the currentness of this dataset.
dsModifiedDate 2023-11-17 00:49:15
dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR)
dsPeriodOfContent 10/27/2023
dsPurpose These watershed delineations are suitable for regional and statewide GIS analysis, database tiling, reference, business reporting, small scale mapping and other business needs associated with hydrologic systems.

These polygons provide a means for organizing land use and related data in a manner which is useful for hydrologic studies and watershed based decision-making.

Flow Network Lines and Pour Points were created to aid in lake watershed management, from fish and game habitat management to calculating storm water run-off and water quality.
gdrsDsGuid {ad56feec-84aa-4f6c-9956-41e3f15f88e0}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-100.5, 43.1],[-100.5, 49.9], [-89.4, 49.9], [-89.4, 43.1], [-100.5, 43.1]]]}

Dataset extent

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