DNR Dimension Stone Inventory of Northern Minnesota

Spatial (GIS) data of dimension stone inventory sites in northern Minnesota. Collection began in 1989.

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dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: Division of Lands and Minerals, Mineral Potential Evaluation Section
dsPurpose The Department of Natural Resources Division of Lands and Minerals (DNR-LAM) continues to conduct the Dimension Stone Inventory. The inventory is one of several projects initiated by the DNR-LAM to encourage the diversification and expansion of the state's industrial minerals industry.<br/><br/>The purpose of this inventory is to identify areas of crystalline rock in northern Minnesota that have potential for dimension stone development, thereby encouraging the stone industry to evaluate these sites further. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase the utilization of the state's dimension stone resources and create economic opportunities within the state. DNR-LAM provides technical knowledge of dimension stone resources and geology before, during, and after the leasing process. DNR-LAM acquires and manages, in a spatial Geographic Information System (GIS) format, the state mineral lease technical mineral information about dimension stone assets and potential. This information is used to prioritize, promote, and protect the state's dimension stone assets.<br/><br/>The information generated from this project supports Mineral Asset Management for School Trust Lands (STL) by identifying, describing, and designating School Trust Lands that have valuable dimension stone potential for development. Mineral rights potentially represent billions of future STL royalty revenue. DNR-LAM collects data to conduct mineral potential reviews that identify and protect the high mineral potential areas that are likely to attract private exploration investment in the future. These reviews help protect and market high value mineral lands. DNR-LAM must evaluate natural resources in order to make decisions that best represent the interest of the Trust. <br/><br/>NOTE: Please refer to the DNR-LAM Dimension Stone Reports (#289, 298, and 298-2) for more information. <br/>http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/lands_minerals/dim_stone/dimension_stone_inventory_reports_all.zip<br/>

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