Listed Infested Waters

These are water bodies (lakes, streams/rivers, wetlands) listed as infested with any of these aquatic invasive species:<br/><br/><li>bighead carp</li><br/><li>Brazilian waterweed </li><br/><li>brittle naiad</li><br/><li>Eurasian watermilfoil</li><br/><li>faucet snail</li><br/><li>flowering rush</li><br/><li>grass carp</li><br/><li>New Zealand mud snail</li><br/><li>red swamp crayfish</li><br/><li>round goby</li><br/><li>ruffe</li><br/><li>silver carp</li><br/><li>spiny waterflea</li><br/><li>starry stonewort</li><br/><li>viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS)</li><br/><li>white perch</li><br/><li>zebra mussel</li><br/><br/>The DNR will add a lake, river, pond or wetland to the infested waters list if it contains an aquatic invasive species that could spread to other waters. The DNR may also list a lake, river, pond or wetland as infested if it is connected to a body of water where an aquatic invasive species is present.<br/><br/>The list on the DNR website, not this GIS layer, is the official record of the infested waters list for MN. For more information, see the official infested waters list at:<br/><br/><b>NOTE:</b> As of Jan. 2017, this layer is ~ 98% complete. Several rivers, streams, and creeks are missing from this layer. Lake Superior tributaries may not display correctly.

Additional Info

Field Value
dsAccessConst None
dsCurrentRef Time Period of Content date indicates the date which the user can be confident of accuracy and completeness of the dataset. The database is updated as needed to reflect the most current conditions of the waterbodies in the state of Minnesota.
dsModifiedDate 2024-06-14 00:01:16
dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - Ecological and Water Resources
dsPeriodOfContent 6/13/2024
dsPurpose To provide a comprehensive, statewide layer to identify Minnesota's listed infested waters to meet DNR business needs, including mapping, analysis, reporting, statutory responsibilities, etc.
gdrsDsGuid {b97ab815-d8b9-4346-afbe-3075dc65bc8a}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-97.23, 43.5],[-97.23, 49.37], [-89.53, 49.37], [-89.53, 43.5], [-97.23, 43.5]]]}

Dataset extent

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