Daily Erosion Project (DEP)

The Daily Erosion Project (DEP) uses GIS to estimate soil erosion, water runoff, and soil moisture in Iowa and surrounding states, including most of Minnesota. The DEP manages a web app to share this data which is updated daily. The web app shows an interactive map where the user can change the date of data being displayed as well as the variable being symbolized. For each HUC12 watershed, data is available for daily precipitation, water runoff, soil detachment, and hillslope soil loss. The data from the current day is available at 6 a.m. the following morning and can be exported as a shapefile.<br/> <br/>The DEP uses the tested and proven Water Erosion Prediction Project model (WEPP) to produce daily estimates that are published to their online map. The GIS model incorporates remotely sensed data on the conditions of the hillslopes, daily weather conditions, soil types, and crop and soil management practices.<br/><br/>It is important to monitor soil erosion because these displaced particles degrade water quality and reduce soil productivity. Soil erosion eats away at the topsoil, the soil layer richest in plant nutrients and organic matter. When topsoil is lost, replacing it is an added cost that reduces profits and plant yield potential.<br/><br/>Read more about the DEP and WEPP model on their website: https://www.dailyerosion.org/<br/>
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