Lidar Elevation, Red River of the North Basin, 2008-2010, UTM Zone 15

This dataset contains lidar-derived elevation products for the Minnesota portion of the Red River of the North Basin. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) processed the data to make it consistent with other lidar data available in Minnesota, including converting it to UTM Zone 15 coordinates and tiling to 3.25 square mile blocks based on 1/16 of a standard USGS 1:24,000 quadrangle.<br/><br/>Data covers the following Minnesota counties: Becker, Beltrami, Big Stone, Clay, Clearwater, Grant, Kittson, Koochiching (northern portion), Lake of the Woods, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Otter Tail, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake, Roseau, Stevens, Traverse, Wilkin. Products included are: One- and three-meter DEMs, one- and three-meter hillshades, and two-foot contours, plus a tile index map for each county. Since breaklines were not available for all of the Minnesota portion of the basin, the data has not been hydro-flattened.<br/><br/>The original data was provided by the International Water Institute (IWI) and the United States Geological Survey. IWI's Red River Basin Mapping Initiative acquired a highly accurate digital elevation model (DEM) for the Red River of the North Basin south of the U.S./Canada border in UTM Zone 14 coordinates.<br/><br/>This metadata record was created at the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office by combining information from the IWI and DNR.
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Additional Info

Field Value
dsAccessConst None
dsCurrentRef April 19, 2008 to Spring 2010

Acquisition_Dates for each block; the block boundaries are shown on this graphic:

Lidar Block A - 4-19-08 to 5-2-08;
Lidar Block B - 4-18-08 to 4-19-08;
Lidar Block C - 4-21-08 to 5-16-08;
Lidar Block D- 5-3-08 to 5-18-08, 5-11-09 to 5-15-09;
Lidar Block E - 5-3-08 to 5-14-08, 11-21-08, 5-21-09 to 5-23-09;
Lidar Block F - 5-15-08 to 5-18-08, 11-21-08 to 11-25-08, 5-23-09 to 5-27-09;
Lidar Block G - 4-29-08 to 5-20-08;
Lidar Block H - 4-29-08 to 5-18-08;
Lidar Block I - 4-25-09 to 5-30-09;
Lidar Block J - 4-25-09 to 5-17-09;
Lidar Block K - 4-21-09 to 5-30-09;
Lidar Block L - 4-21-09 to 4-23-09;
Lidar Block M - 5-4-09 to 5-17-09;
Lidar Block N - 10-29-08 to 11-3-08, 5-27-09 to 5-29-09;
Lidar Block O - 10-28-08 to 11-1-08;
Lidar Block Lake of the Woods - 5-17-09;
Lidar Block Koochiching - 5-17-09 to 5-30-09;
Lidar Block Big Stone - Spring 2010;
Film Blocks ABCD - 4-18-08 to 5-20-08, 5-10-09 to 5-17-09
dsModifiedDate 2020-12-18 00:16:51
dsOriginator International Water Institute
dsPurpose The Red River Basin Mapping Initiative was initiated to create a highly accurate digital elevation model and associated lidar data products to enhance natural resources decision-making in the Red River of the North basin. The need for accurate elevation data in the RRB has been established by the International Joint Commission (IJC 2000), the International Flood Mitigation Initiative (IFMI 2000), and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE 2004) following the devastating flood of 1997. Highly accurate elevation data are essential to improving disaster preparedness, protecting existing infrastructure, planning flood and drought damage mitigation projects, enhancing agricultural production, and strengthening decision-making capacity at all levels of government.
gdrsDsGuid {c6f41d4b-b17c-4523-a11f-d16f1fd1e9ef}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-97.4, 45.4],[-97.4, 49.1], [-93.0, 49.1], [-93.0, 45.4], [-97.4, 45.4]]]}

Dataset extent

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