MnModel Digital Terrain Model (Pits Removed), Minnesota

This dataset was developed for use in Mn/Model4 archaeological predictive model. NOTE: The compressed dataset is over 4 GB in size due to the high resolution scale and statewide extent of the data.<br/> <br/>The DTM10COND raster feature dataset that was generated from existing statewide LiDAR elevation data, and processed to remove man-made features such as roads and ditches, to the greatest extent possible. Bathymetric data were used to replace level lake places for large lakes with existing bathymetric survey data. Topographic data from 1899, digitized by Minnesota Geological Survey were used to replace a portion of the Mesabi Iron Range, restoring the pit mine lands to a more natural surface. DTM10CONDPR is a pit-removed version of the DTM10COND, that was processed with the TauDEM (Terrain Analysis Using Digital Elevation Models) Pit Removal Tool to fill-in all sinks so that state wide surface hydrology calculations could be performed using other TauDEM Tools. TauDEM is a collection of surface hydrology processing tools available from Utah State University, created by David Tarboton. Version 5 of the software can be accessed here:<br/>

Additional Info

Field Value
dsAccessConst None
dsCurrentRef 2011-2017
dsModifiedDate 2022-09-30 00:23:36
dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Transportation
dsPurpose The purpose of this dataset is to provide a high resolution elevation data set suitable for surface hydrology analysis that is substantially more accurate in the vertical plane for Mn/Model, derived from modern LiDAR source datasets. Also, to minimize the negative effects man-made features have on Mn/Model, and provide bathymetric replacement elevation data for large lakes within the state's border.

This dataset is best suited for general reference only. It is not suitable for precise land measurements or ground surveys.

For more information please visit MnModel's website:
gdrsDsGuid {cafd5b1a-2e1e-4a0e-b57b-cb31da705f98}
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-97.508970, 43.192405],[-97.508970, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 49.652543], [-89.028990, 43.192405], [-97.508970, 43.192405]]]}

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