MCBS Railroad Rights-of-Way Prairies

The 1997 legislature directed the Minnesota DNR to survey active railroad rights-of-way for native prairie remnants. This data layer represents the locations of these remnants, their quality, and type. The survey attempted to examine all railroad rights-of-way in the Prairie Parkland and Eastern Broadleaf Forest ECS Provinces, less Ramsey, Hennepin, Wright, Carver, Scott, and Houston counties, and conformed to the methods of other efforts by the Minnesota County Biological Survey (MCBS).

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Last Updated July 28, 2017, 10:02
Created December 20, 2014, 09:01
dsAccessConst None
dsCurrentRef Time Period of Content date indicates the date which the user can be confident of accuracy and completeness of the dataset. The data set is current to the completion of the Railroad Rights-of-Way survey in 1998.
dsModifiedDate 2017-07-28 00:55:26
dsOriginator Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
dsPeriodOfContent 7/27/2017
dsPurpose to foster better understanding and protection of Minnesota's native prairie remnants found in railroad rights-of-way

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