MNDNR Native Plant Communities - Groundwater Subset

This wetland classification scheme was originally developed for a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) effort to establish protective permit thresholds for groundwater appropriations subject to DNR regulation. The classification of various wetland types were made in consultation with wetland professionals from several state and federal agencies and from academia and were helpful in discussing the potential effects of groundwater withdrawals. However, they are based on best professional judgment, not empirical data, and are subject to revision and further clarification. The basic units of classification are the wetland native plant communities (NPC) as described in the series of Field Guides to the Native Plant Communities of Minnesota (MnDNR 2005a, 2005b, 2003). The NPCs are grouped into readily recognizable wetland type categories. <br/><br/>See more details about Native Plant Communities at: <br/><a href="" target=_blank>NPC Metadata</a><br/>See more details about this Wetland Classification at:<br/><a href=" Classification - Groundwater Dependence_v2 Jan 2018.pdf" target=_blank>Wetland Classification - Groundwater Dependence</a>

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dsCurrentRef Within a week of any changes to the DNR Native Plant Communities data, those communities that are connected to groundwater will be reflected here.
dsModifiedDate 2022-09-01 02:10:56
dsOriginator MNDNR (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources) - Division of Ecological and Water Resources - Biological Survey
dsPeriodOfContent 1/18/2019
dsPurpose To determine native plant communities that are connected to groundwater.
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