Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) District Boundaries

This dataset delineates the Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) districts as provided in Minnesota Rules, part 6106.0100, subp. 9. <br/><br/>The MRCCA is a land corridor along the Mississippi River in the seven-county metro area in which special land use regulations guide development activity. The corridor extends 72 miles along the Mississippi River from the cities of Ramsey and Dayton in the north to the City of Hastings and Ravenna Township in the south. It includes 54,000 acres of land along both sides of the river. The State of Minnesota created the corridor and land use regulations in 1976. Local governments administer the regulations through their local plans and zoning ordinances. <br/><br/>The MRCCA is home to a full range of residential neighborhoods and parks, as well as river-related commerce, industry, and transportation. Though the MRCCA has been extensively developed, many intact and remnant natural areas remain, including bluffs, islands, floodplains, wetlands, riparian zones, and native aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna. <br/><br/>Rules regulating the MRCCA became effective January 4, 2017. The rules establish six districts, each with dimensional standards for river and bluff setbacks, and building height. <br/>

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dsPurpose This data was created to delineate the boundaries of each of the six MRCCA districts identified in Minnesota Rules, part 6106.0100, which include the following:<br/>• Rural and Open Space District (CA-ROS)<br/>• River Neighborhood District (CA-RN)<br/>• River Towns and Crossings District (CA-RTC)<br/>• Separated from River District (CA-SR)<br/>• Urban Mixed District (CA-UM)<br/>• Urban Core District (CA-UC)<br/><br/>This data serves as the “authoritative source” for the MRCCA districts in rule.<br/>

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