In our February 2016 article, we covered the policies behind "Free and Open Data" and the deep research done by the folks at MetroGIS  Since then, MetroGIS coordinator Geoff Maas has shared those policies, and the benefits of free and open data policies with local governments and citizens.

As a result, we are pleased to onboard three new counties that have adopted free and open data either by practice or official county policy. RiceSteele, and Waseca counties now join the other 19 Minnesota counties that make their geospatial data freely available to the public. We are thrilled that all three have chosen the Commons to distribute thier data.

Did you know we have a map of open data counties right here on the Commons? In the coming days, we will update that map to reflect the latest data. If your county has geospatial data you would like to include that does not appear on our map, such as parcels, centerlines, or addresses, please contact MnGeo.