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  • us-mn-state-lcc

    Legislative GIS Office

    Non-partisan office of the Minnesota Legislature responsible for...

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  • us-mn-state-mda

    Agriculture Department

    Our mission is to enhance Minnesotans' quality of life by ensuring the...

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  • us-mn-state-mde

    Education Department

    The Minnesota Department of Education serves a wide range of customers:...

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  • us-mn-state-mdor

    Revenue Department

    The Minnesota Department of Revenue manages the state’s revenue system and...

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  • us-mn-state-metc

    Metropolitan Council

    The Metropolitan Council is the regional policy-making body, planning agency,...

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  • us-mn-state-metrogis


    MetroGIS is a regional geographic information systems initiative serving...

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  • us-mn-state-mngeo

    Geospatial Information Office

    Division of MN.IT responsible for policy related to GIS and geospatial...

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  • us-mn-state-pca

    Pollution Control Agency

    Working to protect and improve our environment and enhance human health.

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  • us-mn-state-sos

    Secretary of State

    Main responsibilities include overseeing statewide elections; the review,...

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