Transportation Analysis Zones (Official TAZ System w/3,030 Zones) with Current Forecasts

This file shows the most current Metropolitan Council Transportation Analysis Zone (TAZ) 2020-2040 forecasts for cities and townships within the 7-County Metropolitan Area. The TAZ system in this shapefile is the most recent, official TAZ system (with 3,030 zones). <br/><br/>This shapefile title has been renamed; the previous name was Transportation Analysis Zones (TAZ) 2010 with Current Forecasts<br/><br/>Note: Forecasts for the older TAZ system with 1,566 zones are available in theTransportation Analysis Zones (Legacy TAZ System w/1,566 Zones) with Current Forecasts shapefile.<br/><br/>IMPORTANT NOTES: <br/><br/>These TAZ forecasts will change multiple times over the next few years. <br/><br/>The Metropolitan Council will ask cities and townships to allocate their TAZ forecasts as part of their 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update (go to <br/>for more information about this process). Communities may also revise their current TAZ forecasts before the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update. In the meantime, the Council provides these Current TAZ forecasts for transportation planning.<br/><br/>If you are using TAZ forecasts for analysis and/or transportation planning, please download the latest version of this shapefile to ensure you are using the most up-to-date data.<br/><br/>If you represent a community that wants to revise your TAZ forecasts, please contact your community's sector representative or Dennis Farmer (see contact information at the end of this document).

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dsAccessConst None. This dataset is public domain under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13). If the dataset is not available from the Online Linkage in Section 6, please contact the Distribution Contact Person.
dsCurrentRef TAZ forecasts will be updated periodically as cities and townships review and comment on the TAZ forecasts, or as new data becomes available. The Council will ask all cities to review their TAZ forecasts as part of their Comprehensive Plan Update in 2018.<br/><br/>Household/population data is based on 2010 US decennial Census. 2014 houshold and population estimates are based on the Council's building permit data. Employment data is based on MN DEED data and on US Census Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics data.<br/><br/>These 2010 TAZ forecasts were originally published on December 21, 2014. Subsequent revisions are shown below.<br/><br/>-1/14/2016: <br/><br/>--Revised forecasts and estimates for adjacent county TAZs. TAZ forecasts and estimates within the 7-County Metropolitan Area not affected by changes. <br/><br/>-1/26/2016:<br/><br/>--Shapefile renamed and retitled<br/><br/>--Revisions made to adjacent county forecasts based on changes in how Census block groups were assigned to TAZs. Affected some TAZ household projections in adjacent county TAZs.<br/><br/>--Revisions to adjacent county employment due to corrections to 2014 employment estimates . Affected adjacent county employment projections.<br/><br/>--Revisions to 7-county area household and employment projections to prevent TAZs from losing households or employment between 2014 and 2040. Affects some TAZs that experienced high growth from 2010-2014.<br/><br/>--Some revisions to 7-county area employment projections based on changes in how growth was distributed between TAZs. Affected employment growth in some TAZs that shared by multiple cities.<br/><br/>-March 1, 2016:<br/><br/>--Revisions to TAZ in the following communities based on comments from community staff:<br/><br/>----Brooklyn Center<br/>----Brooklyn Park<br/>----Crystal<br/>----Eden Prairie<br/>----Edina<br/>----Golden Valley<br/>----Hopkins<br/>----Minneapolis<br/>----Minnetonka<br/>----Robbinsdale<br/><br/>--Corrected values in person per household columns<br/><br/>--Revisions to 2030 forecasts<br/><br/>-June 21, 2016<br/><br/>--Revisions to TAZ in the following communities based on comments from community staff:<br/><br/>--- St. Paul<br/>--- Bloomington<br/><br/>-December 29 , 2016<br/><br/>--Revisions to TAZ in the following communities based on comments from community staff:<br/><br/>--- St. Paul<br/>--- Stillwater Township<br/><br/>-April 4, 2018:<br/><br/>--Revisions were made to TAZs in the 12-adjacent counties to reflect revisions to the State Demographer's county projections (issued in 2017). Employment in the 12-adjacent counties were similarily updated to fit with expected future supply.<br/><br/>--The Metropolitan Council's method for segmenting total employment into retail and nonretail was improved and revised, which slightly altered TAZ employment totals within some cities.<br/><br/>--TAZ forecasts in many cities were changed to reflect community comments, comprehensive plan ammendments, and comprehensive plan updates, including:<br/><br/>--- Medina<br/>--- St. Loius Park<br/>--- Mendota Heights<br/>--- Plymouth<br/>--- Shoreview<br/>--- Richfield<br/>--- Edina<br/>--- Ramsey<br/>--- Stillwater Township<br/>--- New Brighton<br/>--- Baytown Township<br/>--- Ramsey<br/>--- Stillwater Township<br/>--- New Brighton<br/>--- Baytown Township<br/><br/><br/>-May 11, 2018:<br/><br/>--Made revisions to population and persons per household sizes for some TAZs in Minneapolis.
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