Census Geography 2000 - TLG Aligned; Blocks, Block Groups & Tracts

The Lawrence Group, under contract with Metropolitan Council, created a 2000 Census Bureau block polygon dataset for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington Counties). This dataset is coincident with and developed using the TLG Street Centerline and Landmarks databases where 2000 block boundaries fall on those features. For those block boundaries that are defined by features not included in TLG databases, TLG used other digital resources to generate these boundaries, such as orthophotography or additional features from city and county GIS databases. TLG used it's best judgement to digitize block boundaries when the block boundaries followed nonvisible features or street extensions.<br/>

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Last Updated May 3, 2019, 10:03
Created September 3, 2015, 10:01
dsAccessConst None. This dataset is public domain under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13). If the dataset is not available from the Online Linkage in Section 6, please contact the Distribution Contact Person.
dsCurrentRef 2000 Census. Adjustment 7/22/2002.
dsMetadataUrl ftp://ftp.gisdata.mn.gov/pub/gdrs/data/pub/us_mn_state_metc/society_census2000tlg/metadata/metadata.html
dsModifiedDate 2019-05-03 00:16:31
dsOriginator Metropolitan Council and The Lawrence Group (TLG)
dsPurpose The dataset was developed to have a 2000 census block database that is aligned to the TLG street centerlines and landmarks files, for use in analysis which utilizes both the census data and TLG street centerlines/landmarks. Blockgroup and tract datasets have been desolved from the block dataset. Additionally, since TLG's street centerline dataset is aligned within county rights-of-way for these counties, this dataset allows for parcel based analysis as it may pertain to census blocks, block groups and tracts.<br/><br/>This dataset was developed for use in a variety of GIS applications like redistricting or census data analysis.

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