2030 Regional Development Framework Planning Areas 2011

The 2030 Regional Development Framework Planning Areas - 2011 updates the 2030 Regional Development Framework Planning Areas initially adopted on January 14, 2004 and ammended in 2006. This dataset reflect the agreed upon planning areas between a community and the Metropolitan Council and defined in the communities' 2030 Comprehensive Plan Update and is intended to supplement the 2030 Regional Development Framework - the planning guide for the 7-county Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. <br/><br/>Planning area definitions and strategies for the planning areas are available in the 2030 Regional Development Framework document at http://www.metrocouncil.org/Planning/Planning/2030-Regional-Development-Framework.aspx (See Chapter 3). For questions about how decisions were made regarding individual communities' geographic planning areas, please contact the Metropolitan Council Regional Framework Development staff, Dan Marckel, 651-602-1548.<br/><br/>See Currentness Reference and Lineage in Data Quality Section of this metadata for more information.

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dsAccessConst None. This dataset is public domain under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13). If the dataset is not available from the Online Linkage in Section 6, please contact the Distribution Contact Person.
dsCurrentRef Planning areas were first defined to analyze land use and development trends and socio-economic characteristics to assist in preparing the Council's 1975 Metropolitan Development Framework. They have subsequently been used for a wide range of general analysis purposes. These areas were defined to reflect stages of development of metropolitan area communities. A major factor in their determination has been the proportion of land developed. As such, these areas have been periodically adjusted to reflect the continued outward growth of the region. The Metropolitan Council originally approval the 2030 Planning Areas on January 14, 2004. The planning areas were amended on December 13, 2006. The dataset reflects updates to the 2030 Planning Areas as specified in communities' 2008 Comprehensive Plans which have received Metropolitan Council approval between 2006 and February 2013. Not all communities have finalized their 2008 Comprehensive Plans as of May 2014. Planning Areas reflect municipal boundaries and Metropolitan Urban Service Areas (MUSA) as of May 22 2014.
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dsPurpose This dataset was created to allow the depictions of 2030 Regional Development Framework Planning Areas - 2011.

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