Since 2015, MnGeo and the Department of Public Safety (DPS) have been collaborating to create a more modern 911 system entitled Next Generation 911 (NG911). Through the use of geospatial data, emergency personnel can more accurately pinpoint the location of emergencies allowing for quicker responses – and the potential to save more lives. Accurate geospatial data will also allow 911 calls from any device to be routed to the correct 911 call center with the appropriate law enforcement, fire and medical responder information represented on their map display.

In order to keep stakeholders informed, a regular newsletter is produced and distributed in the GIS Information section of the DPS 911 web page. In this month’s newsletter, Geoff Maas of MetroGIS revealed that metro-area road centerline data developed as part of the NG911 effort will be published here on Geospatial Commons after September 30, 2016. This will allow the geospatial community to test, evaluate, critique and suggest improvements to both the data specification and dataset contents. This collaborative effort will make valuable data available to a wide community of stakeholders, resulting in better data.