Minnesota's Wildlife Action Plan is a partnership-based conservation plan to ensure the long-term health and viability of Minnesota's wildlife. The plan focuses on species that are rare, declining, or vulnerable to decline.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) developed a prioritized Wildlife Action Network as part of the 2015-2025 action plan. The network includes mapped terrestrial and aquatic habitats along with buffers and connectors that represent a diversity of quality habitats that support species in greatest conservation need. The Wildlife Action Netowork incorporates habitat prioritizations identified through other efforts, as well as several prioritizations made specifically for species with the greatest conservation need. Targeting conservation within the network will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of actions taken to reduce the primary causes of population declines.

The Wildlife Action Network resource composed of ten geospatial layers is now available for download from the Minnesota Geospatial Commons.

For more information about the action plan, see the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Action Plan web page. For more information about the network, including how the priority scores shown in the graphic were derived, see the Wildlife Action Network description.

Map of Wildlife Action Network rankings, from low to high priority