To become an organization on the Commons, you must provide the following to MnGeo:

1. Organization Name

The organization name is limited to 100 characters. In the Commons interface, organization names are sometimes truncated, so please consider whether your organization name is readable if it is truncated to about 20 characters. For example, it is better not to start with "Department of ...", but instead to start with the name of the department (e.g., "Agriculture Department" instead of "Department of Agriculture"). You can refer to the examples that are already on the Commons.

2. Organization Description

The organization description should be a text description. There is no limit on the length of the description, but in some places on the Commons interface the description is truncated at 175 characters. So it is a good idea to create the first 175 characters as a self-contained description ending with a period. Otherwise a split sentence will appear in a 175-character "blurb".

3. Organization Logo

The organization logo should be a JPEG or PNG graphic with a maximum width of 200 pixels. An image in landscape format is preferred; a square image is next preferred. A vertical image can be used if landscape and square are not available.

4. Contact Information

An organization on the Commons must have one primary contact. The following information is required about the organization's primary contact:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Email
  • Phone Number